Why Blog?

We experience a lot every time we step onto a flight and go somewhere. We meet new people, try new food, get introduced to new cultures, learn about their history and so much more. No matter how much we try, traveling simply cannot be put into words, pictures or even videos; but these things can definitely help stimulate and stir the emotions that were created during a trip.

So why blog? I may capture a perfect picture, or record a dazzling moment, but the events that take place between those pictures and moments are often forgotten months after the trip is over. Blogging is a way of ensuring that doesn’t happen, it takes things beyond pictures and videos and locks them in a treasure box that I can revisit at any time. It also helps other people relive my stories while learning from my mistakes and recreating my adventures in their own unique way.

I have already visited over 40 countries and unfortunately, have already forgotten many of the small details that made me laugh in hysterics, cringe in disgust, tear up in emotion or gasp in shock. It took me long enough but I finally see the real value of documenting my travels, be it for myself or for others. That is why I started blogging, and via my blogs, I hope to encourage many others to take up traveling as a  passion because believe me, the world has so much more to offer than you can possibly imagine.

As cliché as it is, I will end this post with a beautiful quote that I truly believe in:

‘The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page’ St. Augustine

Iceland Golden Circle
The best way to describe Iceland: A real life screensaver slideshow

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  1. I so love this!!! This is the exact reason why I started my blog. I went to the Democratic Republic of Congo for 6 months and new it would be the adventure of a lifetime!! (LIfe in the Congo tab if you want to get at taste). I go back and read it and I’m taken back there…something that would be hard to do if I had not recorded the details. Thank you for sharing your adventures. I can’t wait to join in!!!

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