How To Change Your Mindset on Traveling

What’s Holding You Back?

Planning your next vacation or adventure can feel a little overwhelming and time consuming which often leads to decisions such as ‘I’m just gonna visit family back home’ or ‘I’ll wait until another time and plan THE epic trip’. And we keep building up this ‘epic’ trip that we’re ‘eventually’ gonna take but the truth is, that’s just good old procrastination at its finest.

What if I told you planning isn’t actually as hard and tedious as you think though? It all starts with changing your mindset on the matter and ends with a lot more trips per year and heaps more fun on each one!

I will be releasing a set of posts, over the next couple of weeks, that will take you through the entire process of planning your next trip. The point of this, is to make it easier for you and encourage you to travel more. So please, feel free to leave any questions and feedback in the comments section below, I will try my best to answer or incorporate them in the next post.

Changing Your Mindset

It is a lot easier to achieve something when you actually enjoy the process leading up to it. So here is my pitch: Think of planning as a teaser trailer to that movie you have been waiting for, a long time, as opposed to a long boring advert interrupting the game you’re watching. That’s right, I’m saying planning could be exciting! After all, you are going to be looking at crazy adventures, beaches, shopping venues, restaurants or whatever you are traveling for and that should be enough to get your heart racing and longing for that trip.

So don’t try and escape the planning process, embrace it. Believe me, traveling with a detailed itinerary is one of the best favors you can do yourself; it will cut down all the wasted ‘what do we do now’ time and avoid problems like ‘ah man, we should’ve booked this in advance!’. I’m not saying turn your itinerary into a holy scripture that cannot be altered; unplanned surprises and accidentally wandering into hidden marvels are some of the best parts of traveling. Therefore, keep it flexible and don’t be afraid to make some changes and improvisations when an opportunity presents itself. Example, while driving from Wolhuter to Storms River in South Africa, I spotted an exit to ‘Wilderness Beach’ which intrigued me; stopping there was not part of the plan and my friends were all confused when I told the GPS lady to shut-up before taking the exit… we were all very glad I did.

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