Why We Grasp the Local Adventure

It is no secret that the UAE’s summers are brutal. The thought alone of the scorching heat and sky rocketing humidity levels send shivers down any outdoor enthusiast’s spine. But then winter comes along, we start to feel that early breeze in November and by December, the temperatures drop down to a perfect 18 C while the sun still shines through a partly cloudy sky. Suddenly, I start to feel like it’s a crying shame not to take advantage of this, and it saddens me that many people choose to spend the majority of their lives indoors, not knowing the wonders UAE’s nature has to offer. That is why I initially decided to Grasp the Local Adventure, and to help others grasp it too.

One winter day in 2018, I posted on social media that I was going on a hike in one of the UAE’s beautiful canyons; two days later, there were 16 people interested in joining. A month later, I decided to upload the post a week in advance… 35 people signed up. It was amazing to see how many people are interested in exploring the great outdoors, and simply needed a little push. People who were very hesitant on the mountains and uncomfortable camping outside became regulars; unknowingly, we were evolving from a hiking group, to a community, to a family.

On our fourth adventure, I looked around and found myself surrounded by people who were strangers to me less than three months ago, but are not my dearest friends. I watched a woman who literally cried on the mountain two months earlier, help others down the scree slope with spirit and confidence.

Seeing how Grasp the Adventure touched so many lives, including ours, I knew right away that it was only the beginning, and that we need to do more. So we organize our local hikes to show people that they don’t need to travel abroad to get their mountain fix; we organize our adventures to help people expand their comfort zones and build confidence in themselves; most importantly though, we organize our excursions because we know that the bonds we form are as strong as the mountains that we form them on and because we love, respect and appreciate our ever-growing Grasp The Adventure Family.


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