Who Am I:

My name is Yousuf Elabbasy. On most days, I am a Corrosion Engineer in a petrochemical plant, on the rest, I am a traveller and wanderer. I appreciate diversity in hobbies and that is why I am currently an engineer, fitness personal trainer, writer, amateur Muay Thai fighter, Harley Davidson enthusiast and proud owner, scuba diver and last but not least, travel blogger. I have been writing short-stories and spoken words for years and now it is time to start documenting my travels as well. I try to squeeze in 7 trips per year which is a bit challenging with a full-time job but hopefully, you can expect that many blogs on my website every year.

My Mission:

The internet made traveling a 100x times easier than it was before (imagine trying to plan a trip without all this information at your fingertips!), yet I am surprised to see many people financially capable but unwilling to discover this world. My mission is to change that, it is to express through writing and imagery the beauty that they miss out on every single day by conforming to unchanging routine. It is to prove that traveling is not a challenge, that every step from choosing a destination, booking a flight, packing your bags and finally discovering lands new to you is worth every single second. In the process, I also want to make those who believed in me and my writing proud; that includes my family, my beautiful fiancé and my dear friends.

Welcome to my website, where you’ll find stories of my travels and structured itineraries to help you recreate the same adventures that I have been on. All I ask in return is for you to comment, share and most importantly: TRAVEL!

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