Grasp The Adventure 2.6

Join us on a beautiful experience as we hike through Hatta's Copper Mountains. This Friday will be unique since we'll be introducing you to the proper techniques of bouldering and ridge walking!

Join Us in Grasping Mt. Elbrus

For those itching to conquer another summit, this one is for you! Mt. Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe standing proud at 5642 m which makes it fifth out of the 7 World Summits. Who wouldn't want to stand on the roof of Europe?

Grasp The Adventure 2.4

First hike of the new year and we are excited to bring you something new and different! For this hike we're collaborating with Ginger Dance & Arts Studio to conduct a free Latin and Afro dance class at the top of the mountain! Limited spots available to register quick.

Grasp The Adventure 2.2

Fell in love with Adventure 2.1 and can't get enough hiking? Missed Adventure 2.1 and simply cannot handle the FOMO? Well either way, make sure you register for this one!

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