Join Us in Grasping Kilimanjaro via The Rongai Route

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28/11/2019 to 7/12/2019

10,700 AED (All Inclusive+Flights)

Moderately Difficult


Why Trek Kilimanjaro with Grasp The Adventure:

 It is time to tick this awesome achievement off your bucket list, I am talking about standing on the roof of Africa, the continent where human life began! Grasp The Adventure is super excited to help make that possible for you, and more importantly, to be by your side when you first gain sight of Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit  at 5895 m above sea level. Our number 1 goal is to promote the spirit of adventure and the love of nature while forming bonds as powerful as the mountains we hike on. I sincerely believe that a hike is not successful only when it has a 100% summit rate, but when every Grasper is overtaken by positive vibes, uplifting energy and the support of the entire Grasp The Adventure family.

About The Trail:

The seven day Rongai Route is the route of choice for those looking for a scenic climb with excellent success rates, but away from the crowds and with an incredible sense of wilderness to it; after all, this is one of the few hikes where seeing wildlife on the mountain is still possible. This is also the only route that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north, which is a lot drier and more favorable in November-December. The descent is in the south-east via the Marangu route, so you will get to see both sides of the mountain. Be prepared for one of the most scenic nights of your life as we camp beneath the Mawenzi Peak.

The Rongai climb has a gradual climb profile and rises very steadily, there aren’t any steep climbs involved, nor major ups and downs. Moreover, the camp sites are staggered very well and on our last day before the summit push, we will only ascend a few hundred meters which gives us the entire afternoon to rest and acclimatize.

This route is considered moderately difficult.

Is This Hike For You?

It is important to remember that we are talking about summiting the highest mountain in Africa here, it is no joke! So how do you know if you’re up for it? We are committed to doing whatever we can to ensure your safety and comfort; that is why we are partnering with a local company in Tanzania with extensive experience on Kilimanjaro and a summit success rate of 98.9%. Certified mountain guides will lead the hike while porters transport the group’s belongings, camping equipment, food, mess tent, etc. You will only be required to carry your day pack which will include whatever you may need during the hike, such as raincoat, snacks, camera and water. Moreover, professional chefs will be preparing your breakfasts, lunches and dinners with foods specific to the altitudes we’re at in order to minimize and avoid indigestion and altitude sickness issues. The camp sites will be equipped with two portable toilets, one for each gender. First aid kits, safety equipment and an air cylinder will also be provided in case of emergencies. Blood oxygen levels and health checks will also be conducted regularly throughout the hike to ensure your wellbeing.

The Route has no steep climbs nor descents, it is not technical and you may not need to use your hands at any point. However, the hike is physically strenuous and the high altitude will push your stamina to its limit. Therefore, high fitness levels and some hiking experience are required. Don’t freak out though, share your thoughts with us and if you are really committed to conquering this mountain, we will do what it takes to get you prepared in time. Refer to section ‘Health & Fitness’ for more details.

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“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”
― Barry Finlay, Kilimanjaro and Beyond